Despite the ongoing ups and downs in the region, talented young Arabs relentlessly continue to do their best to add humor to the lives of many. 

Here are 7 Arab comedians you should follow on social media that are guaranteed to make you laugh:

1. Amr Maskoun (Syria)

At the young age of 19, Amr Maskoun is one of the most successful Arab comedy viners. After fleeing from Syria to Turkey, then to France in 2013, Maskoun was inspired to film videos to spread laughter at a time of hardship. 

In an interview with Being Arab, Maskoun explained that he decided "to do something to cheer people up and change their moods." 

Due to his unique and humorous imitations of Syrian family members, he reached one million followers on both Instagram and his YouTube channel.

2. Faiza Rammuny (Palestine/USA)

Faiza Rammuny is the head behind the YouTube and Instagram sensation ExpiredNFabulous. Rammuny is Palestinian but born and raised in the U.S. and is known as the "Arab Carrie Bradshaw."

After recovering from a break-up, she started documenting the process of going from broken to FABULOUS. 

This led to the creation of amusing videos portraying the problems in lives of Arab girls, such as having conservative parents or going to weddings.

3. Mohanad Al Hattab (Syria)

Comedian-turned-digital influencer, Mohanad Al Hattab is Syrian and resides in the UAE. His widely known quick-witted 6-second snippets that span over different dialects, ages and genders have generated him over 368,000 followers.

His characters all have relatable identities and backstories such as a Syrian aunt, "khaleh Ghusoon" and a silly gym coach known as "Hassan el Coach"

4. Nino Fenianos (Lebanon)

Making us laugh one car drive at a time is Nino Fenianos, a Lebanese comedian who thrives on criticizing and making the usual Lebanese society seem so outrageous.

When he is not out on the slopes, he films his engaging videos in his vintage car with his dog in the back. Fenianos gained momentum with his impressions of the Lebanese "fils a papa" and the "Lebanese Frenchie."

5. Mohammed Tarek (Egypt)

Mohammed Tarek is the Egyptian sensation behind "the singing Egyptian guy." In his videos, he uses a ridiculous accent, channeling his comic character into well-known "songez" that he proceeds to sing with complete seriousness. 

His Youtube videos amass over 100,000 views in addition to a million views on his Facebook page. But the one that took Facebook by storm was his video about Justin Bieber, Luis Fonzi, and Daddy Yankee's Despacito.

6. Fahad Al Butairi (Saudi Arabia)

With over 102,000 followers on Instagram, Saudi comedian Fahad Al Butairi is the first Saudi stand-up comedian to win the hearts of not only the Arab world but the U.S. too. 

His daring and witty lines, such as those in one of his first successful sketches: "I can guarantee you this, the only bomb I can make is a Jägerbomb," along with the use of his Saudi background, have earned him the title of "The Seinfeld of Saudi Arabia."

7. Maya Acra (Lebanon)

Lebanese Maya Acra is a blogger and lighthearted comedian who has become "Insta-famous" through her videos. Her humorous attitude paved the way for her television career, making several appearances on air such as on Ktir Salbeh Show. 

She is known for her stellar impersonations of young Lebanese women paired with a SnapChat filter to accentuate the sketch. 

Acra has become an influencer and is collaborating with brands such as Hyundai and Jim Beam.