Earlier this week, a supermarket in Khobar, Saudi Arabia, witnessed a failed robbery, Al Arabiya reported

The surveillance video, which is now circulating online, shows two thieves attempting to steal money from the supermarket while holding the accountant at gunpoint. 

Luckily, an Egyptian man who happened to be at the store surprised one of the thieves and beat him. He can be seen taking the firearm from the robber, hitting him on the head, then handing him over to the accountant to restrain him. 

The brave Egyptian was also able to retrieve the box that contained the money held by the other thief who tried to escape to the car. 

VIDEO: Egyptian man saved the day and foiled an armed robbery in Saudi Arabia

And it's needless to say that Saudis fell in love with Hanafi

Many people in Saudi Arabia admired how the Egyptian man named Hanafi put his life in danger and intervened to foil the robbery and retrieve the stolen money, despite being unarmed. 

His name became a viral hashtag البطل_حنفي# (Hanafi The Hero). It has been trending in Saudi Arabia for the past two days.

"He deserves to be named the hero of 2018"

"Brave Egyptian"

"This is a glimpse of the bravery of Egyptians."

"Egyptian men have always been real men"

Egypt is about chivalry

Love and unity in the air

Some even wanted Hanafi to be granted the Saudi citizenship

While others pointed out that Saudis are not racist

"The reaction of the Saudi public towards what Hanafi did and celebrating him as a hero and also admiring and rewarding an Asian expat for his chivalry when he saved a person during Jeddah Floods proves that we are not racist (like some people like to depict us)."

He made Egyptians so proud