Although we are currently living in the age of information, and knowledge is arguably only a Google search away, a lot of people remain convinced that women are lesser-than, including many celebrities and infuencers in the Arab world. 

Here's a list of the most bizarre and outright sexist statements made by Arab celebrities in recent years. 

And no, we are not impressed. 

1. Nadine Njeim

Nadine Nassib Njeim is an actress, brand ambassador, and holder of the Miss Lebanon 2004 title. The beauty queen is seen as a strong successful woman both in her native country and across the Arab world.

So when she made comments in a 2012 TV interview saying that she does not stand for gender equality, there was bound to be some controversy over the matter. 

More specifically, she stated that she was against premarital sex for women but is all for it for men. 

Since you're referring to straight men, who would they sleep with, Nadine? 

2. Mohamad Iskandar

Lebanese singer Mohamad Iskandar let the entire world in on his sexist views in his 2010 hit song, "Joumhouriet Albi"  (The Republic of my Heart).

The male-centric anthem discourages women from joining the workforce with lyrics that say: "We have no girls here who work with their degree," and, "your job is my heart and my feelings; you won't have time for anything else".

Uhhmmm... Yeah, suuuuuure. Let us get back to you on that one... 

3. Mohammad Assaf

Mohammed Assaf’s Arab Idol win led him to become one of the most famous Palestinian singers in the region. 

When asked about the rumors surrounding his sister Niveen pursuing a similar career as his, the Gaza-born superstar responded that he would not support her. 

He argued that he is a conservative man, and a singing woman stands against "Palestinian customs and traditions."

So much for equality and sibling love.

4. Najwa Karam

Lebanese singer Najwa Karam turned heads with her sexist comments in an interview last year with Qusai Kheder.

Karam expressed her concern that women’s rights are getting “out of control” and are threatening “the masculinity of the man.” 

She didn't fail to mention how it would be shameful for men to one day have to stay awake at night to watch over their own children while their women sleep. 

Because children are only a woman's responsibility? Come on Najwa, you can do better than that.

5. Ramy Sabry

Egyptian singer Ramy Sabry released a song called, "El Ragel" (The Man).

Its lyrics include statements such as: "When the man talks, the woman should never talk back". 

Oh, and FYI, he named the entire album after this track to make sure the message is clear.

Well, it's clear; clear as day. 

6. Mohammad Rakan al-Gadah

Mohammad Rakan al-Gadah, a Jordanian TV presenter, has become known for regularly attacking women via social media. 

From body shaming to justifying rape, al-Gadah confuses freedom of speech with normalizing domestic violence and femicide. 

He has also verbally attacked the LGBT community on several occasions.