Moms, we can't but love 'em. 

However, in the age of technology and social media, they found unprecedented ways to *mother* us from miles away... or from the other room...

Here are 15 times Arab mothers used their creativity on WhatsApp and proved that modern parenting is a joke.

1. This mom who is committed to teaching her daughters how to cook

"Mom created a WhatsApp group to teach my sister and I how to cook because we study abroad."

Ain't nobody running away from her lessons.

2. This mom who just discovered rhyming holiday wishes

"Aren't you too old for this ya hajja?"

3. The "I just joined the WhatsApp club" mom

Threatening your kids... it gets things done. 

4. The "my DNA is the only reason you're pretty" mom

Y'all better thank her for your beauty.

5. The romantic mom

"Mom uses technology in such a romantic way. She's sending me photos of every Gardenia flower blooming in her garden."

She probably sends you a "good morning" picture with lots of flowers in it too. 

6. The "I'm not good at this technology thingy" mom

She just knows that green is for calling and red is for declining. Good enough for most of us to be honest.

7. The mother who would roast you because she is plain SAVAGE

RIP kid, RIP.

8. The mother who is sick of your lies

"Mom: What time did you sleep yesterday? 

Me: At 11 mum.

Mom: Why was your last seen at 4 am then?


You want to lie to your mother? How about removing your last seen, huh?

9. The mother who considers you her servant

The "get me a cup of water" seems to be popular. 

10. This mama who keeps things professional

"Me: Mum, is my WhatsApp profile photo nice? 

Mum: #@$!%&*, yes it is."

Well, she's mad... but she replied.

11. The mom asking the real questions

It's all fun and games until the "waynak" text pops up, after an hour or so of anxiously staring at the "typing" status.

12. The comic mom

The message WILL be delivered, one way or another.

13. The mom who does not get you

What are you even typing? What kind of sorcery is this? Arabic my son, Arabic.

14. This mom who is so focused on your education

Just read the damn book, Nada.

15. The religious preacher mama

You dare not answer ME? Have fun rotting in hell, my kid.