If you're living in the online world, you've probably seen the video featuring Nadine Njeim, former Lebanese beauty queen, in which she discusses pre-marital sex among men and women.

Although the interview is four years old, it seems to be going viral again after being posted by a popular Facebook page .

In the interview with Future TV, Njeim starts off by claiming it's a woman's duty to protect her virginity prior to marriage, as she wouldn't want her own daughter to give in to insecurities from societal pressures. She points out that this is not to say she's against women having experiences all in all. She's all for her daughter traveling, partying and having a good time. However, when it comes to sex, she would rather her daughter abstain from it.

Njeim then brings up the topic of religion, where she points out that it is unlawful to have sexual relations prior to marriage in all religions, whether Islam, Christianity or Judaism... She's entitled to have an opinion, correct?


However, what was an innocent argument transformed into a sexist one, as Njeim decided it's OK for men to engage in pre-martial sex... but it isn't OK for women...


The interviewer pointed out that religion does not differentiate between genders when it comes to pre-marital sex.

Unfortunately, Njeim was only using religion as a defense mechanism, not as an argument based on beliefs


She then makes it worse, saying men have to engage in sexual relationships to "mature" and grow to have a strong personality


She even said that if a man wants to have sex for "fun" that's fine too... it'll only turn him into a manlier man!


People on Twitter had a lot to say, but little did they know they're tagging the wrong Nadine Njeim...

Nadine Welson Njeim was crowned Miss Lebanon in 2007, whereas the Nadine Njeim from the video was crowned Miss Lebanon in 2004. Considering Nadine Welson had that in her bio, people were kinda confused...

Some could not believe Njeim said what she did...

While others did not seem to mind her argument

And Njeim did not let the world bring her down...