Gender discrimination is alive and well, especially in Arab societies. But change is happening and many NGOs are leading the way. 

Here are 5 local NGOs that are working to enhance women's lives across the Arab world. 

1. Egyptian Center for Women's Rights

Founded in 1996, this Egyptian non-profit organization aims to eliminate all forms of discrimination against women. It also focuses on raising awareness on women's issues across Egypt. 


KAFA (enough) Violence & Exploitation is a self-described feminist, secular, Lebanese, non-profit, non-governmental civil society organization seeking to create a society that is free of social, economic and legal patriarchal structures that discriminate against women. 

The organization works tirelessly to promote women's rights, the rights of foreign workers, and gender equality. 

3. The Dubai Foundation for Women and Children

The Dubai Foundation for Women and Children, which was founded in 2007, is the first licensed non-profit organization for women and children's protection in the UAE. This NGO protects domestic abuse victims by providing them with safe houses and rehabilitation services. The Dubai Foundation for Women and Children also has educational programs that aim to prevent acts of violence across the UAE.  

4. Arab Women Organization of Jordan

The Arab Women Organization of Jordan was founded in 1970 and aims to reach gender equality and end discrimination and violence against women. AWO works on empowering women and changing the traditional social roles and expectations of women in Jordanian society.

5. The Association for the Development and Enhancement of Women

The Association for Development and Enhancement of Women is an independent and non-profit Egyptian organization that was the first feminist organization to work directly with female breadwinners. 

ADEW, which was founded in 1987, provides aid, literacy, health and legal programs to people in need.