Arabs ... We'll definitely leave a mark on every single person we come across - because our customs and traditions make way for a number of endless conversations and memories. 

These 12 things aren't often understood by foreigners ... but that doesn't mean we'll change our ways. 

1. Who wants a compo?

2. There is food served cold, lukewarm, hot ... and "tssshhh"

3. Arab Parents 101:

4. License plates ... taken too far

5. On welcoming new babies to the family

6. This is the true definition of bad luck

7. Saying yalla 165 times before actually leaving

8. #ArabicName problems

9. Using words of endearment when expressing anger ... like it's normal

10. On visiting other people's homes

11. Dare you not take what's being offered

12. Leaving one's home is not complete until this happens