In the West, they have Audrey Hepburn, Princess Diana and now .. Kim Kardashian. In the Arab world, we also have celebrities who thrive in the fashion world. And they live on forever in our hearts.

1. Sherihan – شريهان

We are still mesmerized by Sherihan and everything she does, even though we haven’t seen her on TV for more than 20 years! This Egyptian star was truly ahead of her time with her fashion choices and the outfits she wore in the Fawazeer. Archive photos of Sherihan show her wearing Versace jackets adorned with safety pins, beautiful tiaras and stunning embroidered gowns. Her elaborate Fawazeer costumes were the inspiration behind many Arab women’s looks in the early 90s. In her recent Instagram photos, she still looks so stylish with on-trend ripped jeans, styled with smart blazers and casual loafers. Needless to say her hair still looks as gorgeous as ever!

2. Sabah – صباح

No one did it like Sabah! In the 80s and early 90s she was the undisputed queen of intricately embellished stage gowns, sparkly over-the-top jewellery and an impossibly golden mane. People all over the Arab world anticipated her appearance on TV to see what she was wearing or what new trend she was going to set. Even in her 50s and 60s movies she looked gorgeous in waist-skimming full skirts and cocktail gowns. In recognition for her status as a true fashion icon, many of the dresses that were tailor made for her by her long term designer William Khoury were displayed in a special exhibition in Beit Eddine.

Source: alchetron
Source: alchetron

3. Razan Moughrabi

Many young girls in the Arab world wanted Razan Moughrabi’s wardrobe in the late 90s. In addition to setting fashion trends, this Lebanese presenter set new presenting trends during her appearance in the Arabic version of “Top of the Pops” on MBC (remember her taking calls sitting on a bed?). She was the ultimate cool girl with her sporty jackets, skinny leather pants, gypsy-style tops and Spice Girls platform shoes.

Razan Moughrabi
Source: Pinterest

4. Najwa Karam

From the 90s till now, Najwa Karam continues to reinvent herself and her wardrobe by opting for outfits that follow the current trends and flatter her body. In the 90s we fell in love with her beaded and sparkly full-skirt gowns that inspired many wedding dresses in the Arab world, and now, we continue to be in awe of her feminine hourglass shaped dresses and sport-chic looks.

5. Nawal Al Zoghbi – نوال الزغبي

She’s known as the “Golden Star” and as one of the most stylish and fashionable Arab celebrities since the 90s. Nawal’s fashion choices have always been on point and she never misses whether dressing up for a stage performance in a sparkly Elie Saab gown or dressing down for an Instagram shot in boyfriend jeans and a printed T-shirt. Nawal’s hair has also been a focal point in her appearance as she continues to style it and color it in new ways with every new album.