It’s either halal or haram in this world. But, Arabs know how to take a word and milk it for all it’s worth. Haram is one of those words.

1. When you genuinely feel bad for someone

Let’s say your best friend just got dumped. Let’s say you got dumped. Let’s say you fell and broke your leg the day before your first marathon.

The “haram” definitely comes in handy, and it’s usually accompanied with cries, tissues and some binging.

“Haram, angad…"

2. Or when you just pity them

This comes in handy when you’re dealing with an exceptionally not-so-bright person that kinda makes you wonder and pity the fact that he’s an airhead.

“Haram, if only he knew better.”

3. When you wanna guilt somebody

“Haram aleik” is something you just say when you want someone to feel bad for something they’ve done or said. You know you’ve had to use this many times before when someone said something either 1. too mean 2. out of place 3. just flat out rude

4. When you want to point out an unfortunate situation

Our parents love this one. They especially love it when they want to shame the new generation for being too “tech-savvy” and too “westernized.” These laments are accompanied by stories from their past.

“Haram el shoum” and “riz allah” often go together.

5. Sin. ’nuff said

If it’s not halal, it’s haram.