As Valentine's Day is sneaking up on us soon, the color red and plenty of hearts decorate all shops around the world. 

For this year, get creative and cheeky with your Arab heritage when showing your love to your habibi. 

Here are some interesting options... and some last minute ones:

1. A personalized arguileh

Arabs and shisha form the love story of all human history. If your loved one is an arguileh fan, all you have to do is gift them one that is personalized - either by getting the glass in their favorite color or with their name on it.

2. Low-key matching gifts

What says love better than low-key matching gifts? As your sweetheart sips on coffee with your heart on the mug, you'll pick-up your phone with theirs on your cover.

Cheesy or brilliant? It's completely up to you.

3. Arab-flavored chocolate

Chocolate covered Ghazel el banet, loukoum, mhalabiye and pistachio, knafe, and Turkish coffee with caramel... delicious, no?

4. An "Issa Habibi Ting" hat

For the cool kids out there, it might be a nice gift to wear on sunny days.

5. A personalized Tawleh set

Source: Aha Life

A personalized tawleh (backgammon) set to unleash the competitor side in your habibi.

6. Say it "Bil Arabi" with Arabic letters jewelry

Something that is both trendy and cultural... a funky way to remind your SO of our beautiful Arab heritage.

7. Arabic sweets

Write down your feelings with some baklava pieces if that's what your partner is into. 

Romance and Arabic sweets spell love like no other. 

8. Arab-inspired Chinaware

Some people are all over house-related gifts and decorations. Maybe some Arab-inspired items with a modern twist would do the trick...

9. A Turkish coffee machine

Love at first sip. When your boo loves Turkish coffee, let them enjoy it wherever they go.

10. Show them your love, or claim it

Since graphic t-shirts are so "3al mouda", might as well get them a "Habibi" shirt from Das Mot, as it is a gender neutral brand. 

Sharing is caring... especially when it's a girl stealing her man's shirts.