Lebanese politics and politicians have a knack for the bizarre but Walid Joumblatt might just take the cake.

Preeminent political leaders of Lebanon's minority Druze community, the Joumblatt family, have maintained a powerful position in the country for centuries. 

But MP Walid Joumblatt's prominent role in society hasn't kept him from taking a rather light approach to life and politics. When he gave interviews on TV, he could always elicit a laugh from his audiences. He was even featured on Playboy magazine during Lebanon's Civil War. 

But when Joumblatt got on Twitter, he took quirky to new heights. 

From satirical commentary to comical anecdotes and tweets that are simply bizarre, Joumblatt's Twitter feed is one of the rare gems in the realm of Lebanon's political sphere.

1. This was his take on Lebanon's much-mocked parliamentary meeting to elect President Aoun

"The MPs begin to gather..."

2. Joumblatt has an urgent message for Putin

Mukhtara is the mountain town that hosts Joumblatt's political headquarters. [Jubran] Bassil in Lebanon's Foreign Minister. 

3. Sometimes he takes questions from fans

4. The Sphinx

5. Some visual commentary

6. He always has important advice in store

7. Joumblatt's humor is the very definition of quirky

8. And apparently he's a fan of yoga? Who knew.

9. Emojis speak a thousand words, I guess?

Even if you don't always understand the point of the tweet.

10. The pensive dog

11. Even his most somber political analyses have a touch of irony

12. Apocalyptic irony.

13. Look, Joumblatt and British journalist Rober Fisk with a gun ...

14. And more jibes at Putin

15. At least he's polite

16. Even when you have no idea what he's talking about, it's funny

17. New car

18. This is as self-deprecating as humor gets

19. "Extropians"

20. But don't worry ... he's not Extropian