Everyone's talking about Lindsay Lohan's bizarre 'new accent'.

The American celebrity has done several interviews in recent months that have left fans "confused" by the way she sounded. Quite a few people are saying she's adopted an Arab accent.

Lohan has said that she is studying both Arabic and the Quran. She confirmed this after she was seen carrying the Quran, spurring uproar on the Interwebs. Some are speculating that she's already converted to Islam. 

Others are chalking this up to a "Turkish conspiracy" and/or the underhanded dealings of the Illuminati (see below). 

This guy wants to set the record straight

Because the similarity is too uncanny ...

Sure, it's a bit confusing to a lot of people

And yes, it's weird.

But, some knew exactly where they'd heard that accent before


Still, some people aren't sure

Response: See the tweets above ...

And some people find it insulting

Haters gonna hate.

Others are just happy Lohan is doing what she is doing


Yep, Lohan has been learning Arabic!

And Turkish ...

Remember that time she was spotted with a Quran?

And she's been in Turkey and Greece trying to raise awareness about the refugee crisis

There was also that time she made a very public #ArabicFail

Everyone makes mistakes.

And she was recorded speaking Arabic that one time!

But come on, guys ... it was just ONE word. Khalas.

Anyway, some people think her accent might be a Turkish conspiracy


Or the illuminati ...


But, this tweeter spins Lohan's accent so positively

#peace #love #ponies

What do you think?