You come out of the shower. Na3iman. You get a haircut. Na3iman. You get a shave or your nails done. Na3iman. 

Here are even MORE ways of saying "congratulations for your hygiene". 

1. It never really ends with na3iman

2. Apparently, a hair cut is not always grounds for 'na3iman'

3. Na3iman! But...

4. Passive aggressive Na3iman

5. Na3iman when you need a shoulder to cry on

6. We don't know how non-Arabs live without Na3iman

7. When you get an auto-correct on Na3iman Salaf

8. Socially awkward Na3iman

9. Na3iman tells you the difference between a good friend and a best friend

10. Na3iman, no matter what

11. When your BAE forgets to say Na3iman

Jokes aside, "na3iman" derives from the word blessing, and is probably a reference to the sanctity ascribed to hygiene in Arab culture. 

Blessings upon you all, and Na3iman Salaf (not salad).