Forget the money and the status, fans are probably the best part of being famous.

While Mohamed Salah has the most loyal fans, and Fairouz the craziest, Ragheb Alama may have just found himself tangled deep into the dark side of the world wide web with the strangest of fans.

It all started when one Twitter user accidentally stumbled upon this...

It was merely a coincidence, but social media user Tala may have found solid proof of how weird Facebook can actually get sometimes.

As it turns out, there endless pages dedicated to posting the exact same photo of Ragheb Alama every single day, and it's as funny as it sounds. 

Scary even, but also funny.

Here are examples of just a few:

1. The mother and foundation of all pages

This is the initial page that led the foundation of all the others. It currently has over 105,000 followers and a 5-star review for consistency and persistence.

2. Then came an upside down version

3. Believe it or not, even a page dedicated to the π/4 corner version of the photo exists

4. Then came the version of the photo inside the photo.

Basically Ragheb inception.

5. If you thought there won't be a flipped double version, you thought wrong...

Double the sass.

6. This version of the photo flipped to the left

Nothing crazy here, but it had to be done. 

7. And of course, another one flipped to the right

8. This version of Ragheb without the moustache

And a genius take on the name of the page.

9. And because this is the internet, a version of just the moustache on its own

This page alone has more than 800 followers. 

10. It goes without saying that there is a black and white version of the photo

11. Another version, but this time, of Ragheb himself holding a photo of... himself.

12. And just because, a version of the photo painted on an actual egg

Because why not? 

13. This version of the photo as the confused girl meme

14. This version by a rebel who decided to change the photo

But of course, he posts the same picture every single day. Some rules just can't be broken. 

15. And finally, this dedicated fan who posts the same video clip - you guessed it - everyday...

Enough internet for the day.