You might have heard of the 14 stages of love according to the Arabic language, but what you don't know is the recent discovery of a 15th stage... memes.

Romantic and funny love-related memes tend to melt the heart of your loved ones, no kidding. Ready for a good laugh? 

Here are 13 memes that embody pure Arab love:

1. On combining house chores

"May God join our laundry together."

2. On car accidents

"If your crush ever hits your car by accident."

3. On amnesia during crucial moments

"To my dearest... what was her name again?"

4. On winning girls over

One word: Molokhia. 

5. On people getting married

"The married ones, when they hear an engaged couple talking about happy marriages."

6. On not singing along

"Her: Who's my love?

Him: ...

Her: Who's my love? Tell me... You're the one I love.

Him: *runs away*"

7. On pickup lines

"My grandfather taught me to hate women... but after I saw you I hated my grandfather."

8. On struggles during Ramadan

"You can keep tagging him in posts featuring Ramadan lanterns, but still, you're never getting a reply!" 

9. On families still asking about marriage

"- Why did you get married?

- Because my parents didn't raise me well!" 

10. On the three magical words

"They say 'I love you' gives people life. Apparently, they never heard 'Money has been deposited in your bank account'."

11. On your other half

"- Do you love her, Khalaf? 

- Very much ya Hussein, I sit on the staircase just to hear her say 'excuse me'."

12. On parental control

13. On excessive love

"I love you so much that I want to eat you up!"