As the cost of living continues to rise across the Arab world, many families and individuals are forced to apply strict austerity measures to run their households.

It's important to remember that having fun is not always synonymous with spending a lot of money.

Here is just a glimpse of the many cool things you can do without spending much if you're living in or intending to visit Alexandria:

1. Have a walk down the Corniche while enjoying some gelato from cheap local parlors

2. Grab your camera and visit Qaitbay Citadel

3. And you can always fly kites and ride a horse once you're out of the historic fortress

3. Get lost while shopping at Souq Zane-et el Setat

4. Go for a jog by the Corniche from Shatby to Sporting

Or join Alex Runners for an early morning race, if you don't feel comfortable running alone.

5. Local fast food joints will keep you full until your next paycheck

Be it some Falafel from Mohammed Ahmed, some liver stir fry from El-Fallah, or some Koshary from Abu Nasser...

6. Shop for cheap books at El-Nabi Daniel street stalls

For bookworms, El-Nabi Daniel street stalls are heaven on Earth as you can find both new and used books in this busy location. And old books can sometimes cost as little as 1 Egyptian Pound!

7. Invite your fellow bookworms to a book discussion session at Montazah Royal Gardens

8. Having some popcorn while watching new movies is also an option

Places like Cinema Amir and Cinema Metro in Raml Station offer some of the cheapest tickets in Alexandria, with prices ranging from 25 to 50 Egyptian Pounds.

9. Ride a bicycle in Mamoura in the morning

10. Attend a concert at the Jesuit Cultural Center at night

The Jesuit Cultural Center is a very active cultural center offering affordable and sometimes free film screenings, art exhibitions, and a variety of music performances.

11. Dress up and go to Fouad Street for some really good pictures

This affluent old street is a great spot to take amazing pictures.

12. You can also go fishing after you finish work

13. And watch the sunset while sipping a cup of mint tea

14. Last but not least, enjoy a good laugh at the words of wisdom written on the wave breakers

Need we say more?