As the eldest child in the family, you must, you should, you're supposed to fill in your parents' place when they are not around. 

That never worked well for me. The only time I tried to do so, my younger sister almost always managed to break something. 

But then again, being the first child has its many advantages: First to go to school, college, be independent, and collect the biggest sum of money on holidays. 

Nevertheless, today we focus on the gloomy side of being the "old" one.

Here are some of the most annoying drawbacks of the curse of being the eldest child: 

1. Once your parents are out of the house, you're the assigned babysitter

2. If your younger siblings do something wrong, you better run

Because it's shebsheb (slippers) time for them and you as well.

You: What was that for?

Parents: We left you in charge.

You: I'm just 10! 

3. When it's your outing time, they'll hit you with "Take your brother with you"

Even if your siblings are couch potatoes by nature, they suddenly fall in love with outings when they hear about your plans.

4. Half an hour later: Mom is screaming on the phone because you're late and your young siblings have school the next day

5. Having to bribe the young ones so they won't tell mother about one of your friends swearing

The blackmailing never stops. 

6. Mom pressuring you to let your siblings take your clothes, toys, books, etc...

Mom: Don't worry habibi, I'll get you better ones.

Your inner voice: Lies.

7. Your siblings having temper tantrums when family elders give you more money for Eid

Source: El mstba

8. You're pressured to do well at school because you're the role model

9. And when you don't meet their expectations, the backlash is merciless

10. To escape mom's wrath, your siblings always count on you to finish their plates

With your little sister standing at the door of the dining room to warn you if mom is coming. 

11. Once you get your driving license, you're your siblings favorite chauffeur

12. Since you're the eldest, you're expected to be the first one to tie the knot

13. Forget about the word 'privacy'

14. And the worst of all: You become very protective of your little ones that you deny them of theirs