Saudi Arabia's famous fast food chain Al Baik is just too good to be true. If you've had a piece of broasted chicken from there, you'll understand that no love in the world could ever come close to that of your love for Al Baik.

Here are 17 reasons the love for Al Baik is just irreplaceable:

1. The whole 'love-hate' thing makes your relationship the strongest it could ever be

2. With a bunch of flavors, varieties & juicy sauces, Al Baik never gets boring

3. You would do anything for Al Baik because Al Baik does it all for you

4. You have no shame declaring your love for Al Baik publicly

5. You can only promise to love others if they understand how much Al Baik means to you

6. Nothing could ever top those Al Baik dreams of yours...

7. And no matter your fitness goals, you'd go out of your way for some Al Baik lovin'

8. "Unconditional parental love" does not exist if Al Baik is not taken into consideration

Source: Twitter

9. Making others eat Al Baik on your behalf is necessary... because it's only fair to Al Baik

10. No matter the time of day, Al Baik is always there for you

11. Like everything important in life, you never know what you got till Al Baik is gone

12. Claiming it to be the country's national food is a no-brainer

13. You would kill or be killed for Al Baik

14. And would travel miles just to see those drumsticks

15. Dignity and freedom mean nothing if Al Baik is there for you

16. Your love is so strong that you use it can be used as a benchmark to differentiate your real friends from fake ones

17. Like with all relationships, getting jealous when someone else has a taste of Al Baik is unavoidable...