The magic carpet has officially rolled out with the airing of Disney's live-action adaptation of Aladdin. People have been anticipating the release of the film for quite some time now, even after its controversial casting process. Now that the film is out, it's only natural to see a plethora of reviews coming in. 

Several media outlets, including BuzzFeed and The Verge, have voiced their disappointment in the Disney remake. "The best thing this remake does is make you want to watch the original," a reporter at BuzzFeed, writesSome Twitter users have shared the same sentiment with regards to the new film, giving it a rate no higher than a six out of ten. However, there were several internet users who stood on the other side of the spectrum, saying the film is Disney's best remake yet.

I'll leave the REAL ratings up for debate, but in case you want to keep your expectations in check, check out what people are saying:

1. "Bang average"

2. "This is SO not good"

3. "One thing I learned ... is that white people in Hollywood still think Arabs/Indians/North Africans are all the same"

4. "Why is the Aladdin remake two hours and 8 minutes long?"

5. "Hated it big time ... and really hated Jafar"

6. "The best Disney live action they've done, hands down"

7. "The live-action version was EVERYTHING"

8. "The cutest movie ever"

9. "Absolute art"

10. "It made me feel like a kid again"

11. "The bar has been set high"

12. In a nutshell: