A massive heatwave (from hell?) is currently grilling the Arab world, melting and affecting countries around the already-warm region. 

With temperatures boiling up to 45 degrees Celsius in some cities, including Cairo and Jordan's Al Aghwar, it seems as though people are not enjoying the heat and sticky thighs. 

Besides it being a free, communal sauna for everyone, the extremely hot weather has inspired an online meltdown through which Arabs are hilariously venting their frustration.

Can you feel the heat?

From Oman to Jordan ... it's smoking hot

"Egypt is boiling"

This is a collective meltdown, ladies and gents

These heatwave memes, though


AC's? They quit a long time ago

Summer mode is on

Which means a shower every 5 minutes is due

Arabs are trying to find solutions

Looks like a good plan

"الراجل ده ب نس نام في التلاجه #درجات_الحرارة" Source: Twitter/Engmohamedmos14

Heat wave mood

To everyone excited over summer:

"To those who wanted winter to end and summer to arrive, I'd like to say: Shame on you." 

Heatwaves have been on the rise in recent years

The past few summers saw several countries across the region experience unprecedented heatwaves.

Weather extremes aren't only limited to drier months. Forecasters have also recorded weather changes during winter in the past two years, with hail storms and snowfall hitting several parts of Saudi Arabia. Research conducted in recent years has warned climate change will have severe consequences in the region. 

A study released in 2016 found that hot weather extremes brought on by global climate change could make parts of the Middle East and North Africa uninhabitable by the end of the current century.