If you live anywhere in the Gulf, you know that temperatures skyrocket in the summer. In a bid to cope with the heat, there are a few things people must turn to.

We attempted to capture some of them for this post using a Samsung Galaxy S9 smartphone. Here they are:

1. The beach ... but only when it's dark because that's the only time you can

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2. A Samsung Galaxy S9 which doubles as a great camera...

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Essential for the perfect summer vacation snaps.

3. Oven mitts

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You’re not going to want to step outside without them.

4. A playlist for all your summer gatherings...

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Because why go out when you can entertain everyone right at home.

5. Face cooling mists

One isn't enough, so pack a few in your bag.

6. Portable Fans

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Need we say more?

7. Popsicles

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If you can't see ice bits on them, they're not cold enough for the Gulf.

8. Frozen cups

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Pour your beverages in one of these and thank us later.

9. Bowls of ice

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You can never have enough ice around when it's summer in the Gulf.

10. Chilled portable shatafas

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Pretty easy: Cool a water bottle, pop a sprayer cap in it, spray when needed.

Best summer hack ever.

11. Ice pack eye masks

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For those humid nights.

12. Face blotting sheets

If you're going out with makeup on, you'll need a few.

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