Arab high school graduates are celebrating finishing school and things are no different in Kuwait. 

Earlier this week, footage capturing a huge celebration held by Kuwaiti students after their graduation ceremony went viral on Twitter. 

In it, a group of male students can be seen wildly dancing and jumping on chairs. 

However, the joyful celebrations didn't seem to go down too well with people on Twitter, who criticized the students for their actions. 

The footage led to a meltdown of the sorts

The footage was all over Twitter and divided people on the platform. 

While some were angered over it, accusing the students of going overboard with their celebrations, others thought the entire incident was blown way out of proportion. 

Some tweeps were angered by the footage

"These kinds of celebrations must be banned and placed under the supervision of the Ministry of Education."

"There are limits to celebrations"

"And while there are several ways men dance, the way these people are dancing doesn't indicate they're respectful."

A few were upset by the fact that the party was held in Ramadan

"What I know is that the holy month must be respected and all parties should be delayed till after Eid, even weddings." 

Many reacted to the footage with humor though

"If they're doing this at their high school graduation, what are they going to do when they're done with college?"

"They're so funny"

"I died"

"They got over-excited"

Many saw absolutely nothing wrong with the celebratory dance

"Every person has their own way of expressing joy, why do you want to punish them over it? Plus, this is a private party, they didn't know it was going to go viral." 

"Let them have fun"

"They didn't hurt anyone."