Women across the Arab world have to deal with the deep-seated sexism often found in patriarchal societies on a daily basis. 

But, in recent years, dealing with it has ceased to be an acceptable response to the flawed concept. Instead, many now hit back, argue, and stand right up to it. 

Those include a Saudi tweep who called out sexism in a post that took the internet by storm over the weekend. 

In her tweet, the woman criticized her own aunt for discriminating between her sons and daughters when it comes to education, sparking an online debate like no other. 

Here's how it all played out on Twitter: 

It all started when the tweep posted this

"My aunt sends her sons to private, prestigious schools to learn English in  first grade but sends her daughters to incompetent public schools. When I asked her why, she responded saying that her boys have a future ahead of them and need to be responsible for their own households later on, while the girls will just get married and have husbands who'll be responsible for them. Great way to raise your kids, failed mother." 

Sparking an important online debate

"She instilled in her kids the idea that a boy will grow up and need money while a girl will just end up in her husband's house, so it doesn't really matter how she's educated. Is it possible for this to be the rhetoric of a 30-year-old mother in 2018?"

While some completely agreed with the tweep's sexist aunt

"I think this is what's right, a boy has a future ahead of him. If we throw him on the street, how will he be able to provide for his own kids later on... a girl doesn't have to deal with all that." 

Others just couldn't even with the aunt's rhetoric

"And girls? Their futures, dreams, ambitions, isn't all that important? What do I need with an empty life where I am always dependent on someone? Your aunt clearly doesn't understand that the enlightenment of women can save entire generations. She doesn't know that the more a woman is educated, the better she'll be able to give back to her society." 

"They want women to live their entire lives helpless and under the mercy of men"

"So that they'll relent and become obedient slaves." 

"Discrimination at its worst"

"She doesn't deserve to have daughters"

Many are now sharing their own similar stories

"My cousin is doing the same thing and when I asked him about it, he said he doesn't want his daughters to be too openminded. He added that the more educated they become, the more they'll demand things that aren't acceptable. He also believes that the more advanced a woman is, the less likely she is to get married, because men fear women who are 'too educated.'"

Turns out, similar stories are so common

"The same as my uncle, he enrolled his son in an international school and his daughter in a public institution. When I asked his wife about that, she said it's normal because the boy will have companies to run in the future. I then told her I felt bad for her daughter because she has such a mother and she responded telling me that her girl is smart and doesn't need private education, while her son is lazy and needs to be in a strict school." 

"My family refuses to hear me out when I say I want to get a job"

"They're waiting for the day when I get married because then my husband will be the one providing for me. I don't want to be like my sisters. I have no other option but to leave my future in God's hands now." 

"Those who discriminate between their kids, whether they're girls or boys, are grossly mistaken"

"Unfortunately, this is the principle of regression Arab societies follow"

"Ignoring 50 percent of society." 

"I don't know when sexism will end here"