There's a lot of proof that 90's Arab kids had it way better than others... and these snacks just might be one of biggest reasons why. 

Owning a Tamagotchi was sure to score you a seat at the cool kid's table, but going to school with a big bowl of janerik made you the coolest.

Here are 12 snacks that will take you on a trip down memory lane if you grew up Arab: 

1. This Egyptian version of a Kit Kat

Kat Kat Tat sounds like a better name tbh. 

2. This addiction that is stronger than drugs

Once you start, there's no way to stop. 

3. This plate of green almonds

Sprinkle some salt and call it a day.

4. And this gift from mother nature in spring

The obsession is real.

5. This Lay's knock off chips called Chipsy

Because why complicate things? 

6. Or this Master of all chips

Pun. Intended.

7. This match made in heaven

The best breakfast there ever was.

8. This juice that tastes nothing like juice

And yet we still drank it. 

9. This Lebanese classic

If you've never had a Unica, there's no way in hell you're Lebanese.

10. And this one that belongs in a history book

You'd probably still remember what this is even if you had amnesia.

11. This Arabic version of chocolate chip cookies

The biscuit ALWAYS breaks.

12. The candy you overdosed on that made your stomach hurt

Worth it tbh.