It's safe to say Arab designers are all the rage in the international fashion scene. Pop star and fashion icon Beyoncé is a case in point.

The American singer, songwriter, and actress is among the many leading A-listers who have been won over by Arab fashion designers.

From evening gowns to turbans and bags, Beyoncé has been spotted rocking fashion items by Arab designers on several occasions. 

Here are seven times Queen B totally slayed in Arab designs:

1. When her maternity style was totally on-point thanks to a Dubai-based brand

While she was pregnant with her twins back in 2017, she rocked a white off-the-shoulder maxi dress by a Dubai-based maternity brand, Mina Roe.

The brand has been garnering substantial attention in the UAE and is widely known for sharing its profits with an initiative that provides women with access to prenatal vitamins. 

Speaking to The New Arab in May 2017, Victoria Al-Hashimi, from the company's marketing and public relations department, explained how the idea behind the brand came up. 

She said that Mina Roe is the product of a young mother who struggled to find stylish maternity wear that also fit with her needs during her pregnancy. 

2. When she perfected an outfit with a robe by a French-Algerian designer

Beyoncé definitely seems to keep an eye out for UAE-based brands. In August 2017, she decided to finish off a look with an emerald velvet robe designed by Bouguessa, a Dubai-based luxury label by French-Algerian designer, Faiza Bouguessa.

The pop star was headed to a fundraising event hosted by her sister, Solange Knowles, and as per the social media norm, she flaunted her outfit on her 113-million strong Instagram page. The 3,471 dirham ($945) robe sold out soon after.

3. When she chose a Tunisian woman as her go-to designer for turbans

When Beyoncé needs a new turban, she turns to Tunisian milliner (a women's hat designer) Donia Allegue.

The legendary pop star first wore one of Allegue's turbans back in 2015 and has been coming back for more ever since. 

Beyoncé featured one of Allegue's turbans in a special video to her song "Die With You," commemorating her 9th anniversary with Jay Z in April 2017. 

"This is the third time Beyoncé has worn my turban!" Allegue told Vogue Arabia at the time.

Allegue, who has a shop just a few steps from the Champs-Élysées in Paris, launched her business in 2013 after working in top fashion houses Dior, Fendi, and YSL. 

In addition to Beyoncé, her turbans have been worn by American singer Alicia Keys, German actress Diane Kruger, and American jazz singer China Moses.

4. When she sported a bag by an Egyptian luxury brand

Last October, the singer and songwriter took to Instagram to show off an outfit featuring a bag by none other than Okhtein, the Egyptian luxury brand that has been making waves across the world. 

Beyoncé bought the bag herself from a high-end store in Los Angeles after it had been on display when the sisters, Mounaz and Aya Abdel Raoul, won the Vogue Arabia Award back in April.

With a deep passion for art, design, and fashion, the Abdel Raoul sisters first launched their brand in 2013. Since then, more and more celebrities have been spotted wearing their minimalist backpacks and statement bags, from Emma Watson to Gigi Hadid.

5. When she stunned the Pre-Grammy's with this Lebanese-designed black number

Earlier this year, she stole the show at the Pre-Grammy gala, donning a black gown by Lebanese couture house Azzi & Osta. 

The custom-made, long-sleeved dress reportedly took over 300 hours to be created, according to Vogue Arabia.  

"We envisioned the idea of Beyonce wearing our gown, feeling confident, powerful, and feminine; a design that will be turning heads," the designers said at the time.

As for their reactions to seeing their design be worn by the pop icon, the duo said, "We felt so many emotions seeing Beyonce wearing our creation, but most importantly, we felt honored, proud, happy, and thrilled beyond imagination."

6. And then flaunted yet another Lebanese gem at the Grammy's

Queen B had lots of love for the color black and for Lebanese designers this Grammy's season. The 2018 Grammy Awards saw her grace the red carpet in a black statement gown by Lebanon's Nicolas Jebran.

According to Vogue, her "epic" look was inspired by 1960s Black Panther movement, which aimed to combat white oppression

"The idea was to create a moment, a memorable design with meaning because it’s more than just a gown," Jebran told Vogue.

7. When she accepted an award in this Lebanese couture 'abaya

Earlier this month, Beyoncé received the Humanitarian Award at the annual Wearable Art Gala while donning a "Sphinx couture abaya" by Lebanese designer Jean Louis Sabaji.

That's not all! Her mother, Tina Lawson, who hosted the event, was also charmed by Sabaji's work and rocked one of his designers at the gala, according to Emirates Woman.