If you grew up in the Arab world in the 90s, you know how good we had it back then, before technology invaded our lives...

Arab 90s kids recently began reminiscing about the good old days under an Arabic hashtag on Twitter ... and it's pure nostalgia. 

These 17 posts prove why 90s Arab kids had it better... 

1. Blocking someone was a piece of cake

2. Sally, the girl who stole all hearts ... and broke none

3. Coming home from school meant one thing ... and one thing only

4. Building forts out of mattresses was a priority weekend plan

5. The two things that defined FUN

6. Spacetoon was your savior most of the time

7. Drawing used to be for everyone

8. Childhoods actually existed ... before technology invaded our lives

9. Classroom presentations were pretty fascinating ... before PowerPoint

10. We didn't need water-parks to get soaked

11. You could sit for hours playing this game ...

12. Not to forget this one...

13. iPods who?

14. All you needed was an elastic band to challenge a friend

15. The original LEGOS

16. We all shared the same fear

17. FACT: you're just not a 90s kid if you didn't adore this gum