From dressing Angelina Jolie to his "Birth of Light" collection inspired by Egypt, we've given Lebanese fashion designer Elie Saab all the love and appreciation he deserves. 

But there's one creation of his that often goes unnoticed, one that truly stands out when it comes to masterpieces ... his very own son, Celio Saab. 

He's been under the radar most of his life, but once he stepped into the spotlight, there was no turning back. 

Here are 12 tweets from people appreciating the national gem that is Celio Saab:

1. The one who wonders if he knows

2. The one who saw and came to tell

3. The one who made up a new dictionary definition

4. The one who thinks he's underrated

5. The one who just wants a glance

6. The one who knows what she's gonna order

7. The one filled with envy

8. The one who knows not all humans were born equal

9. The one who thinks Saab needs company

10. The one who found the perfect wallpaper

11. The one who has the perfect mother-daughter conversations

12. The one who cancelled all other competition