Arabs in general, and Egyptians in my case, tend to be nosy. From asking more questions than they should to downright being intrusive, they can sometimes prove too much to handle – especially for us women. 

We can all relate to being in one of these situations. 

Here are just a few samples that all women have surely come across.

1. Samra bas helwa!

Was that a compliment, or an insult? I'm confused! 

2. Del ragel wala del 7eta = A man's shadow is better than that of a wall

Namet 3aleeky heta ya b3eeda!

If I ever consider getting married, I might as well go for the wall. It won’t shower me with such ancient words of wisdom at least.

3. Ma3andenash banat teshtaghal = We don't allow girls in our family to work

For real? Watch me! 

4. “Ana mesh ba3akes” before proceeding to catcalling you

A stranger stopping you on the side of the road asking for directions is one thing, but using it as an excuse to get your number? Thanks, but no thanks. 

Begad, are you for real?

5. 3eeb te3aly sotek 3ala ragel = It’s rude to raise your voice at men

La mesh 3eeb! 

If he does something wrong he should be called out! 

6. Your clothes provoked him

La seriously, we need to stop making excuses for harassers.

7. You're too thin/fat/tall/short/dark... No one will marry you

You're entertaining, I like you, tell me more -.- 

8. Men don't like independent women

Their loss. 

9. Don't be late at work, what will people say?

That I'm a workaholic and couldn’t care less what the spy-neighbors say? People are welcome to pay my bills though.

10. I had a child when I was your age, you know?

Beautiful! How can I help you?

11. When are you getting married?

The Smiths sang “How soon is now?” and I’m telling you it’s pretty far.

12. The infamous “You don't have much time left to have children!”

And to that I reply, “You still have time to get a life and mind your own business.”

13. Women can't drive

Well sure, if following the rules means we can’t drive, then you go ahead and smash your car, sir.

14. I think straight hair just looks nicer than all of these curly locks

Whatever tickles your fancy. We don't care though. 

15. You're Egyptian? I've always wanted my girl to be Egyptian!

Settle down, child.

Egyptian women are not items for you to try!