As Lebanese youngsters, we tend to infuse our Arabic language with immense creativity; not as a way to produce some sort of secret code among us, but merely to express excitement or frustration away from our parents' complete understanding. 

We have our own breed of words, ones we are proud of. 

The Lebanese slang has drastically changed the meanings of many day-to-day terms.

Here are only a few of them; use them cautiously around untrained ears. 

1. Akal

Actual meaning: verb: to eat or ate.

Lebanese meaning: verb: to pull off an act or a story that isn't true.

Example: Akal ma3e el film.

Translation: I was able to pull off the lie/act.

2. Bsheel

Actual meaning: verb: to remove or pick something up.

Lebanese meaning: verb: to confirm that you are in on the plan/suggestion.

Example: Bsheel nrou7 3al ba7er.

Translation: I am in for going to the beach.

3. Moukheef/moukheefe

Actual meaning: adjective: to describe something as tremendously scary.

Lebanese meaning: adjective: to describe something/someone as awesome.

Example: Bayto moukheef!

Translation: He has an awesome house!

4. Atel

Actual meaning: noun: to kill or murder.

Lebanese meaning:1- adjective: to describe something, specifically a plan or event, as greatly amazing.

2- noun: to agree on a plan.

Example 1: El raw7a 3a Cyprus 7a tkoun atel!

Translation: The trip to Cyprus is going to be amazing!

Example 2: A: Man el layle ray7een 3a Grand Factory.

                      B: Atel.

Translation: A: Man, we're going to Grand Factory tonight.

                        B: I'm in.

5. Tabashna

Actual meaning: verb: to fall down hard.

Lebanese meaning: verb: to fail at something.

Example: Tabashna bl final exam.

Translation: I failed the exam big time.

6. Asle

Paul Khawand and his best friend Source:

Actual meaning: adjective: to describe an item as original and not fake.

Lebanese meaning: adjective: to describe a friend as someone very close to your heart.

Example: Kifak ya asle?

Translation: How are you, my dearest friend?

7. Damar

Actual meaning: adjective: to describe something as severely destroyed or ruined.

Lebanese meaning: adjective: to describe something/event as epic.

Example : El sahra mberi7 kenit damar!

Translation: The party yesterday was epic!