It's not difficult to recognize Arabs, even if they were in a crowd full of foreigners in the middle of Antarctica.  

No, we are not referring to the looks that may set them apart, but rather their elegant bargaining skills and engineering resourcefulness - which we believe they might have inherited from their ancestors. 

In 10 simple memes, find what makes Arabs thrifty and inventive. 

1. When you really want to ace that job interview

As professional as it gets.

2. Arab mothers and their ingenuity...

Especially when it comes to disciplining their children.

3. It's a gift, really

Having the power to instantly switch words according to your audience.

4. A two-in-one situation

They clean all your rides, no discrimination whatsoever. 

5. Engineers in the kitchen

Our grandmothers and parents are the original thrifters, especially when it comes to cooking.

6. When life gives you heat, add some ice

In the Gulf region, it gets quite hot... but we've got our own solutions.

7. Shisha is life

When it comes to shishas, we have our priorities set... and when we discuss priorities, we are the thriftiest.

8. Finding ingenuity in the most interesting times

Tough times call for tough parking spots. You know how bad traffic is in the Arab world, especially in Dubai and Lebanon.

9. No cake? No problem

Wara2 3enab cake anyone?

10. No flowers? No problem either...

Who wants flowers when there's a big sikh of shawarma just for you?