Being royalty may be glamorous, but even royals are people just like the rest of us. 

And in the Arab world, the region's royals have proven time and again that they enjoy chilling and relaxing the same as anyone.

1. Like when Princess Haya went for a casual stroll by the corniche

Princess Haya bint Hussein is the wife of Dubai's ruler and also the half sister of Jordan's king.

2. When Dubai's ruler and crown prince rode the London Tube just like any other Londoner

Being royalty doesn't mean you always take a limo, as Dubai's Crown Prince Hamdan bin Mohammed and his father Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid proved with this photo.

3. When Jordan's crown prince looked so comfortable while studying

He may be a royal preparing for an important presentation, but Prince Hussein looks just like any of us studying for an exam.

4. When Qatar's Sheikha Moza hung out with these students dressed so casually

Sheikha Moza bint Nasser is the wife of Qatar's former emir and a total fashion icon. But that doesn't mean she can't put on some comfy clothes and hangout with school children. 

5. When Morocco's king posed for selfies in Amsterdam

In fact, Mohammed VI can routinely be spotted posing for selfies with Moroccan citizens and celebrities. 

6. When Jordan's Queen Rania just wants to relax with popcorn and a movie

7. When Dubai's Sheikh Hamdan becomes an airplane


8. When this Bahraini princess puts her feet up to relax

Sheikha Dana Al Khalifa is a fashion influencer, but she definitely knows how to chill. 

9. When Abu Dhabi's Sheikh Mansour paints with his son

Mansour bin Zayed Al Nahyan may be the UAE's deputy prime minister, but he's also the father of five wonderful children

10. And when Dubai's ruler oh-so casually played with a sea turtle

Talk about a relaxing time at the beach!