A school day wasn't all there was to life for kids who grew up in the Gulf in the 90s.

In fact, life started the minute the school day ended.

From private tutoring sessions we all hated to the walks home we looked forward to, here are a few after school activities that were just as crucial to our well-being as our homework was:  

1. Private after school tutoring sessions: Dars Khsoosi

"I admit, I hate it when I have an extra private tutoring session after school."

As if seven hours of school weren't enough. We often had to attend private tutoring sessions to make sure we got better grades.

Not exactly a favorite, but an after school activity we eventually got used to because no one could ever get out of a session. 

2. Martial arts

Martial arts, especially Taekwondo were all the rave a few years back and are still important to many young adults.

A session after school was a common activity back in the 90's.

3. The walk back home

If you were fortunate enough to live close to your school, you know that a favorite after school activity was a walk back home with all your friends.

And of course the promenade was never complete without a stop at the tiny ice cream stall aka ra3i el bared.

4. Ice skating

If you never went to an ice skating rink straight after school, you missed out big time! 

5. A trip to the jam3iyya (co-op)

Because who wouldn't want to go on a grocery shopping trip right after school?

The jam3iyya (co-op) will always be known as the best place to be after a long school day and you'll always spot kids wearing  school uniforms roaming around inside.

6. An hour of this

This is how it went down:

1. Arrive home from school.

2. Drop everything down to the floor.

3. Rush to your room where the play-station is.

4. Load Crash Bandicoor.

7. And the favorites

"Playing in the freej/street - an afternoon tour on a bike - a buy-all-you-want trip to the baqqala."

Ah the good old days!