It's not easy being a travel enthusiast from Egypt, and being a girl just adds to the fun of it. 

Sometimes we need to travel alone for study or for work, sometimes it is because we are stressed out and need a break or simply because we are longing for an adventure. Other times it's because we want to heal a bruised ego and a broken heart. 

We just need to be far, not because we don't love you, we really do, but because we need some time on our own. 

Here's a nowhere near complete list of why you should let your daughter travel. 

1. It isn't ‘just a holiday’

It's an opportunity to grow, be independent, and seek unique experiences.

2. She will make new friends

She can find travel buddies along the way. Travelling alone doesn't mean she'll be wandering solo all the time. 

3. She will stay in touch

Nowadays, technology makes it very easy for people to stay in touch. Every now and then she will send you some really nice photos she snapped on her wanderlust mission. 

4. She will learn about the value of money

Travelling alone teaches you to budget. Especially when your money is hard earned. Young travelers usually look for budget friendly flights, hostels, diners, and even countries. 

5. Don't worry about her career back home

She needs sometime off for a good reason. Working under pressure while being bored to death for extended periods of time never helped anyone.

6. She is your child, but not a child anymore

She is a big girl, she can take care of herself, she is ready to leave the warm safe nest and fly. 

7. Don't worry about men abroad

She is an Egyptian, she's been exposed to catcalling and sexual harassment. She survived and learnt how to deal with all of that.

8. Don't worry about racists offending her

You raised her right, she will stand tall and strong. 

9. Her self-confidence will improve greatly

Your shy little girl will gain more confidence to deal with strangers, explore new places and things on her own, and make sound decisions. 

10. She just can't wait forever for her prince charming to take her places on their honeymoon!

It's time for her to make her dreams come true. 

11. You'll realize how strong she really is

Flickr / Matthew Kenwrick

The stories she will tell you about her adventure will make you proud.

12. She is YOUR daughter, don't worry about what others will say

People never stop talking either way, so just enjoy your life and let your children enjoy theirs, and remember this: اللي ليه عندنا حاجة ياخدها و اللي بيدينا حاجة يمنعها! 

Let her travel, the smile on her face will be priceless.