So you've gone through our amazing lists of destinations around the Arab world and still decided to book your ticket to Europe or the United States...

While getting ready for a vacation isn't entirely all bliss, applying for a visa is ultimately the worst.

You basically feel like you're being screened and watched, as well as getting judged for every single life decision you ever took.

Here are 10 things that have probably gone through your mind at least once when applying for a visa as an Arab:

1. "Why wasn't I born white"

"I wouldn't have to go through this if I was."

2. "Why didn't my mom give birth to me in the U.S.?"

So selfish, smh. 

3. "I can't believe I have to pay for this"

If either #1 or #2 applied to you, you'd be at least $50 richer now.

4. "How much longer am I going to wait"

30 minutes feels like 3 hours when you're in there.

5. "Why do they need to know how much money I have?"

Your own parents probably don't know how much money you really have.

6. "I should act cool so they don't think I'm up to something"

Nothing suspicious going on here.

7. "Do I have missing papers? I probably have missing papers"

*goes through the file for the 15th time* 

8. "I don't even want to go anymore"

You'll start questioning why you ever put yourself in this situation. 

9. "Can I talk my way through this?"

You start wondering if sweet-talking will get you any bonus points. 

10. "I should have gone to Marmaris instead"

The thought immediately escapes your mind once you actually get the visa.