Source: Almajlliss

We live in a day and age where it's not uncommon to spot app-controlled or robotic suitcases following owners at airports, but that's not so much the case on Arab Twitter.

In fact, such a thing can spark quite the meltdown in this part of the world and did just that on Kuwaiti social media earlier this week.

This came after several regional social media accounts uploaded footage capturing a man being followed by his own luggage in Kuwait's International Airport (KWI).

What followed was a hilarious Twitter storm that has yet to calm down.

"A suitcase following its owner in Kuwait International Airport"

And people just couldn't even...

No really... tweeps completely lost it

"I'll show her, shameless bag following a man like this." 

Reactions were just too funny...

"God forgive us, this is witchcraft, may God protect us all."

"Me when I want mom to give me money"

"Film me while I pretend you're not, but you know I know you are"

Kuwaiti tweeps had so many questions

"What if someone stole it, how would I know then?"

"But if your luggage doesn't give you muscle strain, how are you supposed to enjoy your trip?"

People tried to find explanations, hence this post...

"This is the real travel bag"

"What's so extraordinary about this, it's 2018 and we're wondering about it"

"This suitcase is more advanced than our airport"