Stories of sexual harassment and domestic violence have become all too common in the Middle East, but every once in a while, something comes along that restores our faith in the Arab world...

In a video that's now going viral, a father can be seen preparing a milk bottle for his son at an all-men wedding party. In another clip, he sits the baby down and calmly feeds him while the men around him make jokes. 

The father can be seen laughing, simply brushing off the comments made by the man taking the video.

"You're a really affectionate mom," says the man recording the video.

The video attracted numerous comments and replies online, from people praising the father to others who couldn't quite understand why he's being celebrated.

"What being a parent is"

"A man"

"Hats off"

"Doing everything right"

He was even saluted by men

However, not everyone was pleased with the attention the video got

"How it's supposed to be"

"The bar is on the floor"

"Latest news from the third world"

"Only breaking news because we're Arab"

"A normal scene of a father being a father but it's on a breaking news page because we're Arab."