Growing up in a megapolis like Dubai offers many perks to those who enjoy its wide diversity. 

This international emirate is home to mighty technological hubs, a bouquet of nationalities, and broad cuisines from around the world. 

If you had the chance to be raised in Dubai, then you might relate to this list:

1. Your current playlist includes at least one Hindi and Khaleeji song

Whether these songs are from your favorite Bollywood soundtrack or by Hussein Al Jasmi and Abdallah Bel Khair, you make sure you crank those up when you’re feeling homesick.

2. You find yourself craving Oman Chips and Laban Up

The struggle of never finding these products anywhere except in Dubai is way too real. You miss this holy matrimony of flavor goodness.

3. You’re always disappointed with malls wherever you go

Dubai Mall Source: Lux Life

You need your four-story cinema, the full-on skiing resort, ice rink, theme park, or large aquarium to feel like you’re in a real mall... because no building compares to those in Dubai.

4. Part of you gets excited over “Hala Bel Khamis”

Even though you don’t live in Dubai anymore, part of you still feels thrilled when Thursdays are around the corner. And let’s face it, the weekend probably already started for you.

5. You probably had/attended birthdays at Fun Time Pizza

Source: YouTube

And you stayed there all night trying to collect enough tokens to win that Lava Lamp.

6. You can’t handle the cold… nor the heat

Your body is in constant confusion over weather conditions, but the perfect solution is to turn on the AC and just chill.

7. Binge eating KFC kid's meal in order to get the Space Toon video tapes

We all remember spending endless Dirhams in KFC، trying to get our hands on the videotapes they were giving away with every kid's meal. We’re all guilty of hoarding the Lizzie McGuire, Sabeq Wa Laheq, and Digimon VHS we collected.

8. You have a couch in every country in the world

The best part about growing up in Dubai is the diversity and the numerous cultures around you. You probably have a home in every country around the world because of all the connections you've made.

9. You're tired of explaining that Dubai is a city

You spent your entire life trying to explain to your family back home that Dubai is a city and that the country is the United Arab Emirates.

10. Summer meant Magic Planet Deira City Center

Or Encounter Zone in Wafi and any other amusement park.