A six-month-old Jordanian baby is taking Arab Twitter by storm because her name is "Saudia."

The little girl's name went viral after her mother, Nadiya Mohammed, sent out a tweet stating that her love for the kingdom and its monarchs led her to choose the name.

Mohammed's tweet comes during a week which saw Saudi Arabia, the UAE, and Kuwait agreeing to provide Jordan with a $2.5 billion aid package to help alleviate an economic crisis which led to week-long protests in the Hashemite kingdom.

Many are now linking that to the mother's decision to name her daughter after Saudi Arabia.

However, in response, several tweeps are claiming that the girl's mother said she gave her daughter the name right after she was born six months ago.

"We adore the kingdom's people, king, and crown prince so much, we named our daughter 'Saudia'"

"Saudia" is now breaking the internet

Some Saudi tweeps are thrilled with the news

"How beautiful is she and her name? May God bless and protect her. We love you too, Nadiya."

And love the name



People are writing poems for the little girl

Not everyone thinks naming people after a country is a good idea though

"OK, she loves us with her heart, but to name her daughter after a country??? That's just too much." 

Some are completely against it

"No, this is just so wrong. This girl has a future and it's not your right to ruin it even if you're her mother." 

Others just can't even with the news

"What's her nickname going to be? Sa3su3a?" 

"She's lucky, she won't get tired writing her name in English: KSA"