The holy month of Ramadan is finally in our midst. 

All Muslims are preparing themselves mentally, emotionally, and physically as fasting intensifies with hot weather and what seem like never-ending working hours.

Each year, the Muslim world revamps its routine based on Ramadan's schedule: the fast during the day, the iftar in the evening, and the suhoor right before dawn. 

Whether it's work, social activities, food preparations, or diet, all changes for the next 30 days. 

1. Napping is essential

Nothing comes first after a long day at work without even having a drop of water like a well-deserved nap. 

2. The never-ending '3azayem'

This holy month holds endless of feasts which you have to attend or else it's "3ayb" ... plus it's free food. 

One iftar would be at your uncle's, a suhoor at your grandparents', another day you're at your friend's, and it goes on for the next four weeks. 

3. The famous Ramadan-themed desserts

When you think of Ramadan, especially right before the iftar when you're ready to dive in your soup, a glimpse of hope shines. 

You start counting atayef, knafeh, baklawa, and aawaymat like you'd count sheep to go to sleep. 

4. The notorious pastries

A lovely family gathering during iftar will turn into a war-zone over these crispy samboosaks. 

Filled with either minced meat or cheese, these golden goods are the first to vanish from the table.

5. Go big or go home ... during iftar

It's been years since you've eaten, your throat and tongue are sun-dried and seconds away from crumbling, and you enter the heaven of all feasts. 

If it's an iftar with the whole family, make sure not to drink your own tears at the sight of the table. Four main dishes sit at the heart of the feast, a couple of salad bowls and pots of soup ornament the table, and all empty spots are filled with the best of mezza. 

6. Iftar time: the challenge edition

It's a real challenge to see how much food you can eat before iftar is over. 

That's not all, more pressing questions and small-level competitions take place: Who can eat the most? Who gets full the fastest? Who will make it to the final round, aka desserts? 

7. Post-iftar shenanigans

As iftar and familial duties are over, it's time to meet up with your friends at your usual shisha cafe. 

Card and board games like Kent, Gin, Tarneeb, or Jackaroo will entertain you until it's time for suhoor.