If we take two intersecting lines, and we call each of them "Arab moms" and "Arab dads," their point of intersection would be called "Inshallah."

There might've been times when you tried confronting your parents when it comes to their excessive use of this word, but to no avail. 

If you're the kid who's always told "inshallah," then this list is for you:

1. When you first realized this disappointing fact

At first, you thought it meant "God willing," but now you know how badly you've been fooled. 

2. When your mom only ever used the same three sayings

Imagine if your mom suddenly approves your plans by saying "yes" ... how wild would that be?

3. When you had a request your parents didn't want to do

"Sure honey, I will... inshallah."

4. When the word that haunted your childhood suddenly gained fame

And people other than your parents started using it.

5. When Drake outgrew both your parents

Even Drake stopped saying inshallah, smh. 

6. When your poor parents tried to diversify their vocabulary to surprise you

"Almost 100 percent" appeared.

7. When you decided to help others know the true meaning

Do not be deceived, brother. 

8. When Urban Dictionary got it right

9. When you came to this quick conclusion

Thank you for listening to my presentation. 

10. And finally... when you fulfilled the legacy

And you finally start saying inshallah back at them. *Officially a grown up*