Twitter is a glorious social platform used by millions of people around the globe everyday. 

It was used as a tool to jump-start a revolution in countries like Egypt, and is considered to be one of the top breaking news sources. 

Unfortunately, some people use Twitter in much less productive ways. 

Here are some of the dumbest Arab tweets of 2017: 

1. 'Murica

"OMG. You know this emoji? Today I found one just like it! Can you believe the Americans? They turn everything into a reality, even emojis!"

2. "His father from another mother"

3. There's a reason we don't take life advice from Twitter

"My advice may shock you. If you feel pity towards this poor man, throw some trash on the street, because if you don't , the street will be clean and he will lose his job."


"#man_kills_his_wife It's his wife and he bought her with his own money, he can do with her whatever he pleases. It's probably her fault anyway and he proved he is a real man."

5. RIP logic

"It makes me sad that some people consider allowing women to drive an accomplishment. Empowering women is done through educating and employing them. Look at the women in Yemen for example, they can drive and they're still the worst in the world when it comes to ignorance, poverty and slavery."

6. Stop lying, you guys

"Guys this is not true. I got drunk yesterday in Bahrain. Fear Allah and don't lie. People these days don't care about God's wrath and lie so openly!"

7. When you keep going from bad to worse

"@NawafOsaimi: Did you know in Sweden there are almost no surveillance cameras and crimes are almost nonexistent! All recorded crimes are done by mistake!

Sweden: That's not true.

@NawafOsaimi: What's your source?

Sweden: The cameras can be seen in all public places around you.

@NawafOsaimi: Excuse me, the correct answer is Norway.

Norway: Try another country.

@NawafOsaimi: OK, it's Japan.

Japan: Nor Japan.

Mohamed Henedy: Say Egypt, we won't deny."

8. Minor inconvenience I guess?

9. Check the flag, son

10. It's not like you can do it in Paris *Facepalm*