When the usual tall, white buildings fail to impress you, count on some creative heads to save the day. 

Peculiar houses have been popping up around the globe for a while, including across the unsettled Arab world. Some of these unique houses are a part of history, as others have a more modern vibe to them. 

Either way, they are definitely not the regular dull bricks you see every day...

1. The Dome - Tunisia

If you've ever wondered where most of Star Wars was filmed and where Luke Skywalker's Igloo home was built ... you got it all figured out now. 

Tunisia's unforgiving desert hosted the well-known fantasy movie and even kept the props houses for tourists to visit. 

2. The Berber Cave - Tunisia

In the town of Matmata, Tunisia lies an underground Berber cave, which was also part of the Star Wars movies.

This maze-like cave is not dug in the mountains, but rather in a large man-made hole in the ground to keep its people safe and cool.

3. Colorful Mud Homes - Saudi Arabia

Harsh desert climates can take a toll on buildings, which is why Saudis in the Asir Province built houses using mud and protruding slates.

What makes these houses even more unique are the colorful designs that can be seen from the outside, as well as the inwards sloping of the walls as they go higher.

4. Dar Al Hajar - Yemen

Dar Al Hajar or 'The Rock Palace' was the summer home of a Yemeni Imam during the 1930's, but was later turned into a museum.

This incredible structure was built on top of and around a hefty-sized boulder.

5. Beehive Houses - Syria

Made using mud, straw, and stone, the Beehive houses in Syria were the easiest way to keep people cool against the hot desert summers.

Having been used for thousands of years, these houses were not so unique, but the changes of architecture and their current rarity made them something special today.

6. Airplane House - Lebanon

Touring the furthest parts of Lebanon, you may come across a small town called Miziara, which is known for its unique sense of architectural designs.

One of which is a house built to resemble an Airbus A380 down to the T.

7. The Pyramid House - Lebanon

Another odd-looking house resides in this Lebanese village, but this time it looks like something way older than planes. 

This house is inspired by and shaped just like an Egyptian Pyramid.

8. Nubian House - Egypt

The Nubian Village in Egypt is a host to what is called the 'Oasis of Color in the Egyptian Desert'.

These houses cannot be dubbed as ordinary because their bright and colorful designs set them apart from other houses in the Arab World.

9. Traditional meets Contemporary - Egypt

Source: Africa

A contemporary look on traditional structures is what the Arab world needs.

An Egyptian architect designed his house combining the right amounts of tradition, history, luxury, and modernization.

10. The Floating Seahorse - Dubai, UAE

For a minimum of $2.8 million, people can now literally sleep with the fishes.

Dubai has built several of what is called 'The Floating Seahorse'.

This is a three-story house, two of which are floating atop the water, and the third - the master bedroom - is completely submerged underwater.