When it comes to selling, Lebanese creativity, a sense of humor, and sarcasm hit the right spot. 

Advertisements speak to us on a different level, whether it's because we love to hate them or because some of them created the staples in our colloquial Arabic. 

We don't say "delivery" anymore, we say "doulouvoury". And if you're too late to buy your lottery ticket or unlucky enough to win the prize on Monday, el khamis is there for a new chance. 

Some of these ads are oldies but sure are goldies...

1. If you believe in superstitions, then this Lebanese Loto ad is for you

2. An ad with a moral compass that speaks to you

3. The one that will remind you that your ID has at least one mistake on it

4. The one that became a sensational parody

5. The one that will make us want to check if there are any cuties at the bank

6. The one that had a "bros" anthem that got stuck in our heads for months

7. If you're tired of those friends who always speak in any language but Arabic

8. The one that makes you recall a similar situation

9. The one that made you replace the word "Delivery" with "Doulouvoury" every time you order food

10. The one you relate to on a personal level