Let's be honest, if most people could avoid using public transportation, they probably would...

But since it's the most efficient, both money and time wise, many people find themselves crammed in a moving box with all kinds of strangers. If you've ever been in such situations, especially on trains in Egypt, you'll get flashbacks as you read through this...

From types of people to awkward moments, here are just a few examples of what to expect when traveling on a train in Egypt:

1. "E7na osra ma3 ba3deena"

You're positioning yourself in your seat, ready to catch on some sleep, until you're suddenly amid a jamboree you do not understand.

Don't worry, that's a group of friends taking the train together and they want to involve you with them. They might also offer you snacks, so yay...

2. "I want to sit next to the window!"

Note: Not only children say that famous line.

3. The Mahraganat enthusiast

How do you know it's Mahraganat, you may ask? 

Because most youngsters play it aloud in a way that the whole train can hear the Egyptian Electro chaabi music.

4. The one who is dying to use the bathroom ... but doesn't

Well, in their defense, they really want to go but the smell is unbearable.

5. El-khatba: "You're single? I have the perfect spouse for you!"

Source: journas

Hilariously awkward ... but it happens. 

6. The stalker

You'd hope ignoring them would make things better ... but instead, you can't wait for the next stop to come quick enough...

7. The unicorn

Yes, nice people still exist.

8. Zzzzzzzzzzzz

It will suddenly be your responsibility to wake them up once you reach the right station, so you better not fall asleep as well.

9. Those who can't but shout into their phones

Even if you have no interest in knowing what their neighbor was getting from the butchers, it's just impossible to be out of the loop.

10. Salespeople

Source: 7or3en

They always come to the rescue when you forgot to buy snacks for the long journey or forgot your favorite book at home. 

They sell absolutely everything ... newspapers, novels, USB cables, and even traditional sweets like Mawlid 7alawa and Meshabbek to satisfy your sweet tooth.