The World Cup is a huge deal around the globe and the Arab world is certainly no exception. 

However, as with everything else, we have a unique way to enjoy watching the football games. 

Now that the 2018 World Cup has ended, we captured a few things Arabs couldn't live without during the game-watching sessions, all using a Samsung Galaxy S9. 

From flags to bizr, here are the top 10 things we'll miss: 

1. A Samsung Galaxy S9 to share all those game memes and jokes

Because what's the World Cup without Arab memes? 

2. The invasion of flags

Won't you just miss the foreign flags waving from balconies, cars and rooftops? 

3. Those 'World Pup' Instagram posts

4. The massive gatherings in that one unique room

5. Snacking on termos throughout the entire game

6. We will never forget our Bizr/7ab as well

No gathering was ever complete without bizr. 

7. Nor the shishas

8. Turkish Coffee sessions during game nights

Need we say more? 

9. Our very own version of chips and dip will be missed

Grab a pita chip, dip it in that hummus, and thank us later. 

10. Those musical instruments people used to cheer with

Arabs are the coolest football fans, though!