Aerial videos are the rage today – and no where has been a bigger focus for the trend than Dubai. From jetmen flying alongside Emirates planes to all of the crazy adventure sports that treat the city's towers as a playground for jumping and flying, there's no shortage of beautiful videos of the city.

But Dubai Films has trumped them all with an amazing compilation of the shots from the last five years, all by Joseph Hutson.

Hutson has shot such viral videos as BASE jumpers from Burj Khalifa and the wingwalkers above the skyline. Dubai Film has taken the best of Hutson's work and compiled it with other iconic shots of the city and events.

Dubai Films has been at the forefront of aerial photography in the city, working with a number of companies and organizations.

"Over the last 5 years, Dubai Film has collaborated with companies like Shotover Camera Systems and Aerial Filmworks to develop the very best technology in the world for Aerial Filmmaking," the company said. "As a result, we are able to offer the greatest amount of options when it comes to shooting from the air from anyone in the region."

This aerial reel truly shows off Dubai in the best light possible, highlighting the soaring towers and bright skyline that we all sometimes forget to look up at.