Authorities in Saudi Arabia's Khamis Mashit arrested several workers in a restaurant located in the city after pee-filled bottles were found on its premises, Okaz newspaper reported

In an official statement on the matter, the head of the city's municipality, Bader Al Qarni, said everyone involved in the incident was arrested and the incident is being investigated. 

He also stressed that those detained will be referred to prosecution.

An inspection led to the bizarre discovery

In a tweet posted late on Wednesday, municipality officials shared images taken inside the restaurant's kitchen and in a storage room where the bottles were being filled.

Though the name of the restaurant has not been disclosed, it has been shut down.

The news is now going viral on Saudi Twitter

No one can even...

"They have no mercy"

Home-cooked meals look so good now

"Home-cooked food is the best."

Saudis across the kingdom are angered

"If the municipality doesn't announce this restaurant's name then we'll count them as participants in this corrupt act." 

Everyone has the same demand now

"Give us this restaurant's name."

Many are calling on authorities to take strict action

"These people are criminals and the legal action against them must be strict in order to deter others."