Footage capturing two women being sexually harassed by a group of men at a beach in Bahrain angered thousands on social media earlier this week. 

Even though it remains unconfirmed when and where the video was shot, many claimed the incident took place at a resort known as "The Lost Paradise of Dilmun Water Park".

In the viral video, the two women can be seen trying to get out of the beach while tens of men gathered around them, inappropriately touching them and grabbing them by their swimsuits.

Hours after it started making the rounds on both Twitter and Instagram, the footage led Arab and Bahraini social media users to call on authorities to take immediate action in the case. 

The shocking video sparked outrage on social media

As usual, some who reacted to the video tried to get into the victim-blaming game, criticizing the girls for wearing "provocative" outfits that "led the men to harass them". 

However, others weren't having any of that nonsense and stood up for the two victims, who were just enjoying a regular day at the beach when they were subjected to the terrifying assault. 

Here's how the controversy around the footage played out online: 

Some tried to blame the victims for being harassed

"It's not possible that they didn't see the pool was filled with men before they went in. Plus, what they're wearing is provocative. Everyone involved in this is wrong, but these two women gave these men a chance to harass them, if they had dressed modestly from the beginning, no one would've done that. But to wear a two-piece swimsuit in a mix-gender pool and expect no one to harass me, that isn't realistic." 

And went as far as this

"A woman who doesn't cover herself up and who doesn't preserve her honor deserves what she gets." 

But no one was having any of it

"Shame on every person making excuses for these animals (harassers)." 

"So dressing immodestly is wrong but sexual harassment isn't?"

"Harassment does not reflect anything about the victim, it just shows what kind of man (animal) you are"

"It's pointless to waste time trying to convince regressive people that what a woman is wearing doesn't excuse harassment"

"What's important now is for authorities to implement a strict law that can prevent such things from taking place. They should also issue immediate punishments to every harasser, with no exceptions."

Many called on authorities to prosecute the harassers

"People should be stopped so that laws and regulations are preserved in the country."

Sexual harassment cases prevalent but underreported in Bahrain

According to Gender Index, "sexual harassment is illegal in Bahrain under provisions of the Criminal Code; this includes verbal harassment as well as physical". However, harassers are rarely held accountable for their actions because cases of sexual abuse are seldom reported. 

This is also the case in several countries across the Arab world, including Saudi Arabia and Egypt. Lack of support of victims and fear of social stigmas are a few of the reasons behind that.