While “extremely cheap and bad music” is not an official crime or felony, inciting debauchery is. And it is for that reason that Egyptian authorities arrested the woman dancing in the almost-porno video which went viral last week in Egypt, with more than 1 million YouTube views.

The video, entitled “Seeb 2eedy"” or “Hands Off,” features a scantily clad woman who spends most of the video shaking her full bosom in front of the camera with a lot of close-ups of her bust.

But as it turns out, Reda al-Fouly, the boob-alicious lady, isn’t even the one singing. She was only there to shake her booty and lip sync. The actual singer is Menna Hany, one of the contestants on the talents show Star Academy two years ago.

And what about the bald rapper-wanna-be? Wael El-Sedeki fled to Tunisia when he saw the commotion that the video was causing.

Even though most of the outraged commentary was excessively dramatic, the video was successful at attracting enough attention to a poorly produced (and terrible sounding) video that would otherwise have not gone viral.

But as authorities take action against a YouTube video, will they do anything about any of the series which are soon to play out across the private and state-owned channels during the holy month of Ramadan?

As ironic as it sounds, there has been a rising trend over the past several years of Ramadan series including a lot of violent and revealing schemes and scenes. We will see.

And in case you didn't catch it the first time, here it is in all its glory.