A hashtag claiming that Twitter will be blocked in Saudi Arabia has been trending in the kingdom all day, drawing mixed reactions and lots of confusion. 

With Saudis being avid tweeps who often take to Twitter to share their two cents on all happenings, the mere possibility of being barred from the social media platform caused an ultimate Twitter meltdown.

So, what lies behind the news?

The issue was brought up by Faris Bin Saud, a dissident member of the royal family, who tweeted that Twitter will be blocked in Saudi Arabia until October 2.

In a follow-up tweet, Saud claimed that the royal court has already decided to ban the platform.

In the hashtags included in his tweets, Saud hinted at the kingdom's rumored recent crackdown on clerics and intellectuals, which authorities have not yet confirmed. 

A security source told Reuters that the individuals were accused of "espionage activities and having contacts with external entities, including the Muslim Brotherhood."

While residents in Saudi Arabia assured StepFeed that Twitter is fully functional in the kingdom, and while the rumors are yet to be confirmed, Saudis flooded Twitter with comments about the possible ban:

GIFs came in handy

*Spits qahwa*

The disappointment is real

"It's too boring without you guys"

"I'm Omani. Twitter without Saudis is tasteless. I swear they are the best thing about Twitter." 

"Twitter is the only thing that unites us"

"For us Saudis, Twitter is the only thing that unites us when we face a problem. What would happen if it shuts down?" 

Naturally, humor made an appearance

"#Twitter_blocked_in_Saudi_Arabia Unfortunately, the news is true and I am currently sending this tweet via a carrier-pigeon. I've tied the message to its right leg. Anyway, have you had lunch?"

"Unfounded rumors"